Developmental plasticity is a key feature of plants. Since plants produce new organs continuously throughout their lives, their development is strongly affected by the environment and allows a good level of adaptation.

Our lab studies both the fundamental mechanisms of root development and its adaptation to the environment.

Why study root development ?

Roots are very plastic by nature and are therefore a well-suited model to study developmental plasticity. Also roots are easy to image organs and they can be used with a full suite of colorful markers !

Which plants do we study ?

We use the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana since it is small and easy to use ! We also study white lupin (Lupinus albus) since it produces cluster roots in reponse to phosphate deficiency.

What is the goal of our study ?

The very first goal of our research is to understand plants and identify molecular mechanisms. Once this is done, the knowledge can be used for applications. Since white lupin is a crop in Europe, it can be used directly.




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